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Zach Conine for NC Treasurer

Zach Conine
for Nevada Treasurer

Let's Get to Work

To me and my family, Nevada is the land of opportunity. Since moving here almost 20 years ago, I’ve been able to help businesses start up, grow and solve problems. Whether it was helping a small business get off the ground by creating a solid budget, or helping a large company get over a hurdle by assisting with strategic investments and debt management, I’ve spent my career working to ensure businesses run efficiently. I’ve taken that experience to our state government, investing in building a brighter future for our state. That’s why I’m running for re-election as your Nevada State Treasurer.

During my first term, the Treasury has done more for Nevadans than ever before.  As Treasurer we have supported and saved thousands of small businesses (and the jobs they create) by running the largest small business grant program in the history of the state.  We’ve expanded access and affordability to higher education, returned hundred of millions of dollars to Nevadans and created more opportunity for generations of Nevadans through focused and effective financial management.

Our office led the largest constituent engagement process in Nevada history, talking to thousands of our neighbors, in all corners of our state, about how we can build the Nevada we deserve.  Now, as the chair of the State Infrastructure Bank, we’re building that state.  Brick by brick, job by job, Nevadan by Nevadan.

Nevada deserves a Treasurer who knows what it’s like to start a small business, who knows what it’s like to go through the financial aid process to afford college, and who understands the nuances of public finance.  I’m raising my three wonderful children in this great state and will always fight to make sure that they (and every other Nevadan) has the best chance for success.

I’m running for re-election because we’ve done so much… and there is so much left to do.  With your help, we can continue this progress towards building the Nevada we deserve.

Let’s Get to Work.

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