Zach Conine for NC Treasurer

Zach Conine
for Nevada Treasurer

I'm Running

To me and my family, Nevada is the land of opportunity. Since moving here over a decade ago, I’ve been able to help businesses start up, grow and solve problems. Whether it was helping a small business get off the ground by creating a solid budget, or helping a large company get over a hurdle by assisting with strategic investments and debt management, I’ve spent my career working to ensure businesses run efficiently. I want to take that experience to our state government, so our tax dollars are spent wisely and invested in building a brighter future for our state. That’s why I’m running to be Nevada’s next Treasurer.


When the Great Recession hit the Silver State, it seemed like we’d never get back on our feet. Hardworking Nevadans lost their jobs, businesses shuttered their doors, and families across the state had to make difficult spending decisions around their kitchen tables. Since the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes, we’ve started to get back on track. But in order to continue creating opportunities for economic success, we need a Treasurer who will manage our state dollars responsibly. We need a Treasurer who will look for innovative solutions and wise investments.  We need a Treasurer who knows first-hand how to protect jobs, increase education and improve quality of life.  As Treasurer, Nevada families will be my North Star. I won’t make a decision without thinking how it would benefit the citizens who keep our state running.


With so much on the line and so much promise for continued growth and success, Nevada deserves a Treasurer who will put Nevadans first. Over the course of this campaign, I will be reaching out to students, parents, seniors and all Nevadans to hear about the issues that matter to you and share my vision. I will work tirelessly to earn your support.


Together, we can take on the challenges of a new economy and create a state that works for all of us.